What is Play True Day?

Play True Day is dedicated to clean sport and is intended to raise awareness among athletes, the sporting public and others about the global fight against doping. 

The inspiration for this initiative stems from a WADA-hosted Education Conference in 2013, which was attended by 17 Latin American countries that were the driving force behind 10 April being declared ‘Play True Day’. While it started as a Latin American initiative, over the years, this grassroots movement has gained momentum with numerous European countries celebrating in 2016 and more joining the campaign from around the globe in the following years.

Each year more countries and organisations are joining the campaign and step-by-step we are reaching a final goal - to make Play True Day a global campaign!

Outreach programs, interviews for media, (social) media campaign, photos of athletes playing true are some of the examples how you can celebrate Play True Day in your organisation. Stand up for what you believe and join us on the day that celebrates clean sport and clean athletes.

Together, we can leverage this momentum to create a world where the clean athlete prevails, a world where athletes choose to stay clean out of self-respect, fairness to their fellow competitors, and for the pure joy that sport brings.

Organize the Event

Is your organisation interested in dedication and event or activity to Play True Day?
anti-doping organisations, national and international sport federations, major event organizers and educational institutions are welcome to organize an event dedicated to clean sport or include clean sport content in their existing event in the week before and/or after the Play True Day.
Please contact dr. Nina Makuc (nina.makuc@sloado.si) and let her know about your activities.

Events in 2018

Play True Day in Australia

Outreach event at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast
- launching of the new ASADA mobile app

Play True Day in Austria

- instagram campaign (9th april till 15th april) where the users post some pics of them how to prepare for sports in a fair way.

Play True Day in Azerbaijan

- Play True Day charity event with participation of government officials, Olympic medalists and media representatives at Sport area, Boulevard
- essay contest for journalists withPlay True theme
- illustration contest with PlayTrue theme
- education seminar at sport school in Baku
- Play True Day video

Play True Day in Belgium

- promotion of the Play True Day at different sport events
- awareness and education sessions (Hockey Belgium; Football-French Community; Training centres-French Community)
- quiz contests (Athletics-French Community; Weightlifting-French Community)
- displayed banners and give away goodies and documentation.
- the Belgian Football Pro-League (First Division) will have a message displayed on the Led boards around the fields during every game played at the beginning of Spetmeber.
- Play True Day campaign for a clean sport will continue through the whole month of September
- Play True Day video

Play True Day in Brazil

- promoiton of the Play True Day at the Sport’s Ministry Building
- photos from the Play True Day

Play True Day in Bulgaria

- outreach program at multifunctional complex; face-to-face communication with participants from a variety of different sports 
- photos from the Play True Day

Play True Day in Canada

- Social Media campaign

Play True Day in Croatia

- Outreach program at cross-country event "Kros sportskih novosti"
- Outreach program at IIHF U18 world championship 

Play True Day in Bosnia and Hercegovina

- anti-doping seminar for students and professors at Pedagogical Faculty, University of  Džemal Bijedić in Mostar

Play True Day in Estonia

- Anti-Doping Roundtable for the sports experts and public authorities
- educational campaign amongst fitness centres (focusing on the risks of nutritional supplements)
- outreach program at the volleyball game, swimming competition and youth badminton competition

Play True Day in Germany

Play True Day in Honduras

Play True Day in Hong Kong

- coming soon

Play True Day in Hungary

- promotional activities at Ice Hockey game Slovenia : Hungary

Play True Day in Italy

prevention activities and promotion of the Play True Day at Cadet and Junior World Fencing Championships in Verona
- photos from the Play True Day

Play True Day in Japan

- promotion of the Play True Day in the context of the PlayTrue 2020 campaign
- photos from the Play True Day

Play True Day in Malta

- athletes signing Play True pledge
- Social Media campaign
- photos from the Play True Day

Play True Day in Latvia

- social media campaign - a quiz dedicated to the Play True Day

Play True Day in Poland

- promotion of clean sport in sport school in Cracow 

Play True Day in Romania

social media campaign;
- athlete Outreach at the European Box Championships
- promotional activities at the Spring Hockey Cup 2018

Play True Day in Russia

- School open classes 
- Outreach programs
- Children's drawings based on the theme "Clean sport"
- Fairy tail "The dream to win" book presentation
- video about Play True Day activities

Play True Day in Slovenia

- Anti-Doping seminar for coaches
- Anti-Doping seminar for recreational athletes
- outreach program at IIHF Ice Hockey women's World Chamionship Division II froup A and at national championship in shooting
- promotional activities in cooperation with NFs at different events (National Volleyball Federation, National Football Federation)
- photos from the Play True Day

Play True Day in Sweden

- Social Media Campaign
- invitation to all NFs to join the campaign

Play True Day in South Africa

- social media campaign

Play True Day in Tunisia

Play True Day with UEFA

- Social Media campaign

Play True Day with FIVB

- promotion of Play True Day on Social Media channels;
- initiative for an organisation of the Play True Day among FIVB confederations.

Play True Day with IIHF

- promotional activities (signing the jersey, playing with green pack) at different IIHF events in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy
- invitation to Member National Federations to joing the campaign
- Social Media campaign

Play True Day with IBU

- website and social media campaign

Play True Day with BWF

promotion of Play True Day and clean sport on various social media platforms and website

Play True Day with FIB

- Web and Social media campaign
- seminar about anti-doping in the world of Bundy at the World Cup in Bandy in Sandviken, Sweden

Play True Day with UCI

- promotion of the Play True Day on all Social Media platforms
invitation to all athletes currently training at the World Cycling Centre to sign the Play True Pledge
- Play True Day video

Play True Day in the Caribbean

- Play True video montage from athletes and administrators

Play True Day with WADA

- Social Media campaign
- Play True Day video


Events Organisers in 2018

Play True Day reports

2017 Play True Day report is available here.

2016 Play True Day report is availabe here.

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